Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Weaning is a Mine Field - Baby Led Weaning (BLW) or using the pureed methods or neither, it's scary the confusing messages there are out there.  I have done this all before, I have a 5 year old but the information available now and the methods suggested are quite daunting.

I used the purees with my son, I spent hours looking at recipes deciding which mix of fruit and veg go best together, when best to introduce new flavours and at what rate.

Now with my daughter I am torn as to which method to use.  I am going to try a mix of purees and BLW which I know is not true BLW but it is something I feel most comfortable with.

Mona-Molly turned 6 months old on Sunday past 26/5 so we started her on some foods, as per the request of hubby she had a mushed up banana with some breast milk. She loved it x Tonight I hadn't planned it but she had some bolognese i pureed it slightly and she smiled each and every time I brought the spoon near her mouth.  I did play with the idea of giving her some pasta, i had some fusilli pasta when she tried to put it all in her mouth i freaked out a little and took it from her, I am not quite ready to let her do that.

I am feeling quite positive now about the weaning process seeing how well she got on tonight.  Exciting times ahead, lots of new foods and flavours and I think it'll be good for my son too as he ate much more this evening with Mona-Molly eating the same thing and making it almost like a competition between the two of them.  I am hoping to get him to try some new foods and flavours/tastes. (maybe even me too) ;)

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