Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Baby Bulge

It's time now to take control and lose this baby bulge.  I have been putting it off for so long, Mona-Molly is 4 months old today and I have had my post-natal check.  All is reasonably ok so I have no more excuses.


I have decided to join Slimming World, it is going to be completely alien to me.  I have been to weight watchers in the past and it has worked for a little while.  Slimming World has been recommended by some friends.

I have a mini target in mind for my weight loss, I am heading off to Spain in a matter of weeks time and although I am not expecting miracles I would like to have lost a few lbs before we go. 


Exercise is a bit of a no go at the minute, I am awaiting x-rays on my feet as I have a few issues with them.  I am therefore limited in the weight-loss, so hoping diet alone can at least have a little bit of impact on the scales!


Part of my new found motivation also comes in the form of my Husband.  He has recently began the 5:2 diet and is doing so well.  The difference is obvious and motivational, I too would jump on the band-wagon of the 5:2 diet though I am unable to do so as I am breastfeeding my daughter so this is unsuitable at the minute.  


Well I'm off to get ready for bed, Mona-Molly and I have our swimming class in the morning! 



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